by esteban dorado-troughton

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fall 2016


released October 18, 2016

written by esteban dorado-troughton except for thinking of boys written by amy fowler and esteban dorado-troughton

produced by esteban dorado-troughton



all rights reserved


great ohio desert Blackstock, Ontario

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Track Name: does she
why'd you have to drift so close to
that old flame
I thought that you already knew
that your wings were waxen
now you're just a charcoal moth
plummeting into the patient waves
and wondering aloud why it
always seems to stay the same

long distance lover
did you really want her
don't forget that
she's not the only one

does she smile at you
the same way that I do?

when you can't breathe
will she meet you underneath
and draw you up from
the turbulent waters
that you've got locked up
deep inside you
Track Name: thinking of boys (latent heart)
we stayed up late to find out what the answer was
and woke up feeling the same way
you reading your horoscope in the morning
your fingers crossed

and me
laying on your chest
thinking of boys

( hey do you think you could tell me a little more about yourself I dont think I would mind getting to know you better and what you are really like )

we promised to start making better choices
(and then we took it back)
cause you said its always worth it
to give love a chance

and I'm not done
getting fucking hurt

and if this were fiction it would be admirable
and if we were men we'd be on the cover
of a novel you couldn't put down
we're doing everything right
but the stars are twisted around

(perhaps you would prefer to remain the enigma that you've always been in that latent space inside my heart of which you've always been an integral part)

(why'd you have to take up residence inside my art why'd you have to set a precedent for us to ever be apart why'd you have to)

we can't escape the same old fate
but our desire never changes