old things

by esteban dorado-troughton

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a collection of old demos recorded almost exclusively on a phone in various exotic locales such as basements, living rooms, storage closets, and automobiles - neatly listed in chronological order

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released July 6, 2016



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great ohio desert Blackstock, Ontario

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Track Name: I dont think I wanna know
I dont think I wanna know what youre gonna tell me

I dont think I wanna know what you wanna tell me

I dont think I
Track Name: lamb man
I dont know if I believe in you
everytime I look I just see right thru

are you the man the myth or the leopard
are you the lamb the sheep or the dead bird
Track Name: how did you know
I can see you sat at the foot of my bed
wondering if ever I will lay my head down

and fall into a peaceful slumber
eyes open wide I can see you wonder

whatever are you writing for
in this room with the locked door
whatever are you writing for
are you just trying to keep from being bored

cut out that racket and go to sleep
Track Name: red light
we're both by red light
and I cant think of anything
for which I would trade it

having you in the passenger seat
feeling your eyes on me
your hand reaching across the space
to trace the smile on my face

midnight drive
Track Name: side by
what goes on
in your head
as we walk side by side

could you tell me
all that keeps
you up at night

list for me
all the things
that you like

about me
about you
about us
Track Name: do I
do I recall your visage justly
was it not merely a glimpse
a pinhole from which
starlight ether leaks

give me a cheap wooden frame
stacked with books unread
Track Name: dont bother
dont bother writing
I dont live there anymore
please dont send me anything
that is no longer my address

I will say one thing
I still dont love you any less
I still dont love you any less
but I wont give you my new address
Track Name: cancun
asleep on the beach
hair sun bleached
I'd be worry free
if you were next to me

but instead I sit on the crowded bus
trying to not to think of us
when a man climbs aboard
tells us all what he's endured

asks for even the smallest sum
that we can spare for him and his infant son
when he walks by
with his palm extended

I close my eyes
and pretend to be asleep
Track Name: thunder coat
I really dont mind
that you become a nervous wreck
everytime that there is the slightest crack
of thunder
off in the distance
you can stay here with me
a little longer

but dont worry
the weather will get better
but dont worry
the weather will get better

sat in the veterinarian's office
pondering what coulda been
I saw an advertisement in a pet magazine
advertising a jacket for this situation

but dont worry
whether we'll get better
dont worry
whether we'll get better

stay here with me
we can get better together

dont worry about the weather
it will get better soon

I hate watching you tremble
at the slightest rumble
but I can't look away
you're my baby

it has already past
you can open your eyes now
Track Name: coffee this way
I spent the morning sinking
into my shitty instant coffee
wondering if you'd ever call me back

I spent the morning thinking
"how could you want me"
and how much easier all of this would be
if I didn't want you so fucking bad

do you really feel this way
or is it just because
the words fit so nicely on the page
Track Name: meaning
when I can't sleep
I try my best

to string a bunch of words together
and later decide whether
they're any good
or maybe I should just crumple up the page
and throw em all out

baby try and be clever
sing to me about the weather
write me a love letter

and I can attribute alternate interpretations
that weren't anything close to what you had in mind
when you wrote down the words and affixed postage to the envelope
Track Name: are you
are you the morning light
filtered between the branches
of the tree outside your home

are you the prairie night
or just that emptiness that fills you
when you find yourself alone

are you my fear of heights
funnelled into the narrow veins
of a ringing telephone

how long did you wait on the sacrificial altar
waiting for the knife above you
to plunge deep inside you