newer things

by luke and esteban

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a little collection of stuff my friends and I made


released September 7, 2016

UPDATE new version of track 1 uploaded Sept 22 2016

tracks 1 and 2 were recorded by luke and I this summer in parent's house each on a separate day (brent helped with track 2)
he wrote all the music and then I wrote words

track 3 and 4 were all me
3 is more recent and 4 is leftover from the vault of phone recordings but I wanted to share it



all rights reserved


great ohio desert Blackstock, Ontario

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Track Name: labour day
the city bus drags itself along the road
an apex predator scraping against the pavement
I didn't see it just your brow furrowed
a stupid grin on my face as our eyes met

I just wanna be in the same room
I just wanna crash with you
how much longer will we be in bloom

sit up in your sleep
tell me what you really mean
I just wanna know
what you're thinking
promise me one day
you'll talk to me

you hadn't ever driven in the snow before
maybe if you'd practiced a little more
(none of this would have happened)
but as you slid of the edge of the road
you closed your eyes and watched as your body froze

I wish he didn't look sickly
I wish that you could've fixed me
why'd you have to crash into me
did you have to crash into me
Track Name: esteban dorado-troughton - floor
laying on your bedroom floor
wishing you could've loved me more
and hoping you still might come walking back
through that door

so read the words on the page they've placed before you
and hope that they don't ever come true

I just wanna hear that
song you sang
the one you penned when we still hoped
we could stay the same
I just wanna hear those
words you wrote
brought to life again
by your golden throat

hold me again!
Track Name: esteban dorado-troughton - parking lot wait
I sit patiently
in the parking lot
beneath the ever-lengthening
shadow of your apartment building

how long have I been waiting?