little demos

by esteban dorado-troughton

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demos written and recorded while trying to avoid brain-addling heat of the blistering summer of 2015


released September 20, 2015



all rights reserved


great ohio desert Blackstock, Ontario

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Track Name: little ditty
I like
the clothes that you often wear
the way you that cut your hair
your eyes are lit
every time you smile (even just a little bit)

I like
the cute way that you ramble
the way you won't take your eggs scrambled
that I don't have to say anything
that you're still sleepy in the morning

so I wrote you this little ditty
kept the words a little silly
in the hope it would seem as if
I had written the whole thing casually
Track Name: we could have
I only ever stood up one girl
that I can remember
what would've been different
if I hadn't

that's something I like to wonder

we would've been happy then
I would've carved our names in a tree then
she would've left without wanting to leave then
I would've cried till I couldn't see then
she would've written better songs about me

Oh, Lo!

I wanna be the centrepiece
of your angriest paintings
I wanna lie awake and breathe
knowing that you're thinking the same thing
Track Name: permanent/favourite
I floated face down in your backyard pond
hoping you'd find me sooner rather than not
now I'm soaked through to the bone
a waterlogged fondant
a permanent fixture, your favourite haunt

let me be a permanent/favourite

just wanna comfort my dogs
on the rainiest days
close my eyes
and sleep my troubles away
Track Name: two peters
there are two Peters
who come swimming at the pool
both of them are nice
but you wouldn't call them cool

the older Peter
teaches at the college
his white hair means
you can trust his knowledge
he always wants to know how I'm doing
asks me "how's school been going?"

I try to be honest
but sometimes I'm not!
it's not that I don't remember
or that I forgot
I try to be honest
but sometimes I cannot

there are two Peters

underwater Peter
does underwater backstroke
I never get any of his bad jokes
he's got nothing better to do
than loiter at the pool
and try to sell his barbecue

I don't think he'll ever come swimming again
the officers came and arrested him
were we his only friends?
I don't think he'll ever
come swimming again
Track Name: water colour print (Isabel asks)
I stopped the car
so she could save an abandoned,
lonely, piece of art
it was a cheap watercolour print
with two names
written on the back of its
beat up wooden frame

and Isabel asked:

who do you think they were?

did they have a pair of kids
did they kiss each other on the lips
did they ever hold hands
while they sang along with favourite bands
did they fight like mom and dad
were they ever sad
Track Name: waffle iron
I'm out here in the country
you're so far away from me
there's only so many hours
I can stare at trees
I love all the wildlife
but there's someplace I'd rather be tonight!

how is it that you don't own a waffle iron???????

but don't worry baby, I got your back

how can it be I spent
the whole day sitting on a heating vent

(I was thoroughly enjoying reading The Colossus till Jasper came and chewed it up. I really wish that he hadn't - I was only just getting to the good part.)